Congressman John Garamendi

Representing the 3rd District of California
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May 10, 2010 Notebook
"Major scientific breakthroughs occur every year at the Livermore labs, and it’s important that we harness these advances to strengthen our economy, create jobs, and improve our way of life," said Congressman Garamendi. “My bill creates a technology transfer center at the Lawrence Livermore and Sandia labs, making it easier for private sector companies and universities to convert ideas into employment engines."
May 7, 2010 Press Release
"Today’s new employment figures are welcome news for thousands of people in my district who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. We gained 290,000 jobs this month, most of which are in the private sector. We still have a long way to go, but we’ve made undeniable progress."
May 6, 2010 Press Release
“The Home Star Act is an example of policy innovation where it is needed most. By providing consumer incentives towards energy efficient homes, this bill will accomplish three crucial goals: a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a big boost in household incomes, and the creation of American jobs.”
May 6, 2010 Press Release
"On the committee, I will lend my perspective and voice on some of the most important issues of our time, including our role in conflicts oversees and defense spending priorities," added Garamendi, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. "I want everyone I represent to know that I will continue to pursue policies as I always have, with careful deliberation and a desire to create a safer, more just, and more peaceful world."
May 5, 2010 Press Release
"Exactly six months ago, I entered Congress promising to protect this great nation from threats foreign and domestic. Today I’m fulfilling that promise," said Rep. Garamendi, a former Deputy U.S. Interior Secretary under President Clinton. "The risk is too great to permit new platform oil and natural gas drilling on the West Coast. Our coastline was well served by a congressional moratorium that helped protect us for 27 years. It’s time we reinstated the ban on new drilling in federal waters near California, Oregon, and Washington."
May 3, 2010 Press Release
"It’s unfortunate it took one of the worst ecological disasters in U.S. history for Governor Schwarzenegger to come to his senses, but today, friends of California’s coastline can breathe a sigh of relief. For the time being, there will be no new offshore oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara, and that means the oil companies salivating for new drilling will have to look elsewhere for evidence of the Golden State’s willingness to sell its coast to the highest bidder."
April 30, 2010 Press Release
"However, many Americans are still struggling. That is why last month, I hosted a job resources fair for my constituents to help them retool their resumes and connect with employers. Just today, I cosponsored the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act, which is estimated to bring 170,000 American jobs. I welcome today’s news of economic growth. We have a ways to go, and I will continue my work to set policy that spurs business expansion and job creation."
April 29, 2010 Press Release
"Sadly, the people of the Gulf Coast are now learning what offshore oil drilling reaps: the destruction of natural preserves, the ruination of coastlines, and the disruption of ocean-based economies," said Congressman Garamendi. "This marks a turning point in our national discussion on new offshore oil drilling. Those calling for 'drill, baby, drill' need to start including the corollary, 'spill, baby, spill'."
April 28, 2010 Press Release
"Livermore’s National Ignition Facility may be on the cusp of developing the next great clean energy advance: fusion power," Congressman Garamendi said. "As their research brings us closer to a fusion powered future, we must prepare for the commercial development of this technology. Our amendment makes sure that once fusion technology is harnessed, we will put it to work creating clean energy and green jobs as soon as possible."
April 28, 2010 Press Release
"Military contracting firms like Halliburton and Blackwater provided textbook examples of the waste, fraud, and abuse that ran rampant during the Bush era," Congressman Garamendi said. "Today, the House voted for the IMPROVE Acquisition Act, an important bill that will hold the Department of Defense to much higher standards when they pursue defense acquisition spending. This bill saves $27 billion a year and better protects our brave men and women in uniform by making sure they get the supplies they need faster."