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March 23, 2010 Press Release
"This year, adults with preexisting conditions will be able to enroll in a high risk pool to make sure they finally have basic health care protections in preparation for full integration into our insurance system. This year, discrimination against children with preexisting conditions will end. This year, insurance companies will not be able to kick people off of their insurance because they are sick. This year, seniors stuck in the Medicare Part D donut hole will receive a $250 rebate and next year will see their prescription drug costs in the donut hole reduced by 50 percent. This year, small businesses will receive up to a 35 percent tax credit to help pay for health coverage for their employees. This year, new insurance plans will be required to offer free preventative care. This year, young adults up to the age of 26 will be allowed to stay on their parents’ health plan. This year, early retirees aged 55-64 will see additional relief to help them afford health coverage."
March 21, 2010 Press Release
"In the fight to extend health coverage to every man, woman, and child, this bill is an incredibly important beginning. But it's still just a beginning. 'A more perfect union' implies that the progress of the American experience is never complete. Each subsequent generation is expected to pick up the torch and continue on our long road toward positive change. Today the House of Representatives bestowed upon this great nation the most historic health reform since Medicare. I am proud to have voted 'yes' for health care reform. I won't live to see a perfect union, but it is a tremendous honor to see a more perfect union formed before my eyes."
March 21, 2010 Press Release
2. It significantly increases the number of primary care doctors in America and includes new investments in medical training. 3. It cracks down on health care fraud by enhancing screening procedures for health care providers.
March 21, 2010 Notebook
With the passage of time a more perfect union has emerged and a broader consensus has been reached. Yet for many Americans justice is not yet secured. When personal and national economic conditions deny individuals access to the health care necessary for survival, where is the justice? The Declaration of Independence calls for every American to have access to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Yet 45,000 Americans die each year because they do not have health insurance and millions more uninsured remain one accident away from economic devastation. For the victims and their families, lives are robbed, liberty is not pursued, happiness is not attained.
March 18, 2010 Press Release
"Today’s cost estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office confirms what we already expected: the health care bill being considered by Congress will expand coverage to millions of Americans while significantly reducing our deficit. With these numbers, the naysayers and obstructionists have run out of excuses. We know how many people it will extend lifesaving coverage to, and we know how significantly it improves our economy."
March 18, 2010 Press Release

As health care reform moves through the House legislative process today, I wanted to introduce two new studies that help reiterate why it’s essential that we pass comprehensive health care reform this year.

March 17, 2010 Press Release
"This week, members of Congress will make be making a stark choice. Do we stand with the millions of people without coverage and millions more one pink slip away from health care ruin? Or do we stand with the entrenched interests who will do all they can to stop reform to maximize their profits at the expense of patients? I believe every American deserves access to affordable health care coverage, and I will do all I can to make that happen."
March 16, 2010 Press Release

We are receiving a number of calls and e-mails about the status of health care reform. This is an important week in the fight to ensure that 31 million Americans who do not have health insurance can get it.

We are going to provide a daily update on the comings and goings of health care reform.

March 11, 2010 Press Release
"Nearly a million low-income Californians fail to claim their earned income tax credits in their tax filings, needlessly robbing themselves of money that could go to rent, groceries, or other expenses," Congressman Garamendi said. "The average family qualified for the EITC receives a $1,400 refund, so If you qualify, the money is yours to keep; take it."
March 10, 2010 Press Release
"By banning for-profit earmarks, Chairman Obey continues an extensive reform of the earmark process," Garamendi added. "Under the Republican Congress, special interests ran roughshod over the public interest, best exemplified by the Bridge to Nowhere proposal in Alaska. In 2005, earmarks totaled 15,800 and cost $27 billion. Under the Democratic Congress, earmarks were reduced in scale and dramatically improved by tailoring them towards the public interest. Compared to 2005, earmarks in FY 2009 appropriations were cut by 30% and their cost was reduced by 60%."