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Press Releases

October 7, 2011 Press Release
"Today's jobs report offers a veneer of positive news that while encouraging cannot obscure the crisis at hand: Americans need jobs and they need them now. By adding well over a million jobs to the economy, the American Jobs Act is our best shot at preventing another painful recession. We should pass this jobs bill right now."
October 5, 2011 Press Release
"Every great jobs-creating technological advancement in American history – cars, space travel, and the Internet included – were rebuffed by naysayers that preferred to raise the white flag of surrender before even trying," Congressman Garamendi said. "The solar industry was born in America and is responsible for 100,000 American jobs. With commonsense policies like Make It In America buying preferences, we can do much to once again become the world’s leader in solar production."
October 4, 2011 Press Release
"When we purchase buses, trains, and other transportation equipment with taxpayer money, those investments can be used to help create jobs for our fellow Americans," said Congressman Garamendi. "My Make It In America transportation legislation, H.R. 613, would require more American content in transportation purchases using federal money. Until my legislation becomes law, A.B. 1097 is a great model I hope other states embrace. Public transit agencies should have enough flexibility to give preference to American manufacturers and employers. It just makes sense."
September 23, 2011 Press Release
"As California's Insurance Commissioner for eight years, I've seen firsthand how, if left unchecked, the rapacious greed of insurance companies can destroy lives and bankrupt families."
September 20, 2011 Press Release
Since the founding of our great Republic, LGBT service members have selflessly fought and died in defense of our country. For too long, our country in return forced these brave heroes to live a lie in order to serve. This has led to thousands of dismissals and jeopardized national security by denying skilled Americans the opportunity to serve. As of today, this injustice is relegated to the dustbin of history – where it belongs.
September 8, 2011 Press Release
"Americans need jobs. This is my first priority in Congress, and I was encouraged by President Obama's speech in which he laid out a robust plan to put Americans back to work."
September 8, 2011 Press Release
"Americans need jobs. Yet, the Republican majority, which has been in control of the House for 247 days, has not brought one job-creating bill to this floor. My amendment would create jobs by giving the Secretary of Education the authority to prioritize charter school investments that Make It In America," said Rep. Garamendi. "We must educate our youth to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges, and there is a role for charter schools in achieving this goal. However, without my amendment, this charter school bill fails to notice that millions of Americans are right now out of work through no fault of their own."
August 30, 2011 Press Release
"As our men and women return from Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, PTSD is a growing problem. You see it in your communities and among your parishioners," Congressman Garamendi said. "We cannot turn our backs on our wounded warriors. We're here today to make sure that men and women who risked everything have everything they need to rebuild their lives. With your help, veterans in our community will not be left behind."
August 25, 2011 Press Release
"Northern California has extraordinary opportunities to manufacture cutting edge goods and to export them abroad. We need to Make It In America, and sell it to the world," Congressman Garamendi said. "From UC Davis to the Livermore Labs, from UC Berkeley to the Silicon Valley, our region is ready for another economic revolution. We are already blessed with successful clean energy, transportation, and biomedical firms, and the International Trade Administration and Small Business Administration are working closely with us to broaden our manufacturers’ reach."
August 11, 2011 Press Release
"Investing in Livermore Airport will give local residents peace of mind from improved safety. It will also spur job creation through immediate construction work and long-term business activity."