Congressman John Garamendi

Representing the 3rd District of California
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Press Releases

November 6, 2010 Press Release
"Make It In America: that's the vision the 112th Congress needs. That's the vision America needs. Because of his effectiveness as a leader and his concrete vision for a prosperous America, Majority Leader Hoyer has my unwavering support for Democratic Whip."
November 5, 2010 Press Release
"Much more work needs to be done to bring back American jobs and repair our economy. We need the steadfast leadership of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer to lead our caucus in the rebuilding of America’s manufacturing sector and to pass Make It In America legislation."
October 28, 2010 Press Release
"Just yesterday, China debuted its latest high speed rail expansion, while America is still in our early construction phase at best – and you better believe most of China’s equipment and trains are made in China," Garamendi added. "It’s time we responded in kind and made sure that our tax dollars are going to developing the latest transportation and clean technology right here in America. Our future success as an economic dynamo with a large and vibrant middle class depends on it."
October 26, 2010 Press Release
"This program gives motivated women the tools and skills they need to thrive in a challenging economy," Congressman John Garamendi said during the tour. "I am deeply impressed by the Women's Initiative and convinced that this program pays for itself and then some."
October 20, 2010 Press Release
"This worthy $10 million investment in our local communities by the Department of Transportation will improve commute times for pedestrians and bicyclists, helping to reduce congestion on our busy streets," Congressman Garamendi said. "Once again, President Obama and the Democratic Majority in Congress are stepping in where help is needed most, creating more than 500 jobs and improving local communities, including Livermore and Antioch, during tough economic times."
October 18, 2010 Press Release
"I’ve read countless reports on the issues facing our veterans, but nothing replaces listening to the firsthand reports of our returned heroes," Congressman Garamendi said. "Our first duty as a nation is to take care of our brave men and women in uniform and their families. They put everything on the line. We must make sure they every resource they need in the field and back home. I want to thank Secretary Shinseki and Congressman McNerney for putting together this important site visit and roundtable."
October 18, 2010 Press Release
"It is imperative that we immediately pass and fund the next generation of air traffic control systems (NextGen). The total 'once and done' cost for the FAA to invest in NextGen systems is more than a third less than the annual cost of delay. I applaud UC Berkeley, the FAA, and their research partners for working together to produce this essential non-biased report, shedding light on a significant policy issue that directly impacts consumers."
October 14, 2010 Press Release
"The Army Corps of Engineers must realize that all levee systems are not built the same," said Congressman Garamendi, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Interior from 1995-1998. "It’s very clear from studies here in California that you can build levees that preserve public safety and take into consideration the impact on local economies and wildlife habitats. We especially need to be sensitive about habitats relied upon by rare and endangered species."
October 13, 2010 Press Release
"Thousands of homeless veterans have left the battlefield only to fight internal demons when they return home. They deserve all we can provide to help them rebuild their lives."
October 13, 2010 Press Release
Garamendi explained: "Can countries with atrocious labor and environmental standards sometimes produce goods a little bit cheaper than American workers? Sure, but that’s a shallow way of looking at our economy. As we saw with the Bay Bridge, sometimes you get what you pay for. Even more importantly, supply chains matter. American workers pay American taxes and spend money at local businesses. With increased demand, these businesses expand and hire new workers, creating even more local demand along with tax revenues that can then be used in additional infrastructure. This cycle of growth and prosperity must be our nation’s priority in the years ahead."