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Press Releases

January 5, 2010 Press Release
"We have the greatest research facilities in the world," Congressman Garamendi told employees at LLNL. "From this incredible asset will be the answers to issues we confront in the future – if we’re willing to make the investment. Not only is the work done here important today, it will be important for decades to come."
December 24, 2009 Press Release

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December 16, 2009 Press Release
Unemployed workers in my district and around the country want the security that comes with having a job and the hope that comes with having a paycheck,
December 15, 2009 Press Release
"The Iranian government has suppressed peaceful protest and is on a dangerous path toward nuclear weapons. And with its funding of Hamas and Hezbollah, the Iranian government continues to threaten Israel and undermine the two-state solution. With this vote for sanctions against Iranian oil exports, Congress is taking a measured and responsible approach. I have spoken to many Iranians who sincerely want peace in the Middle East, and I look forward to a day when Iranian government listens to its people and engages in productive diplomacy. Until that time, I stand with the people of Israel and millions of peaceful Iranians."
December 15, 2009 Press Release

Washington, DC— Congressman John Garamendi (CA-10) announced the selection of Scott Fay, former Senior Advisor to Senator Edward M. Kennedy, as his new Chief of Staff.  Mr.

December 11, 2009 Press Release
"For eight years as California’s Insurance Commissioner, I regulated the largest financial industry in America: the insurance companies. The insurance companies had one commandment: thou shalt pay as little as possible as late as possible. Many in finance have their own commandment: thou shalt build up thy house of cards as fast as possible as profitably as possible without consideration of the long term consequences. The games have to stop; it’s time we created an economy that can withstand the unhinged greed of financiers."
December 4, 2009 Press Release
Today's announcement that the unemployment rate dropped in November is welcomed news for the millions of American workers, including tens of thousands of people in my district, struggling to find a job in this difficult economy. The Recovery Act and other jobs-creating measures have laid down the building blocks to repair our economy.
December 1, 2009 Press Release
I thank President Obama for his careful and thoughtful deliberation on this matter. He faces a difficult decision on a war he inherited, and I know his heart is in the right place. However, I remain convinced that increased diplomatic, economic, social, and educational assistance in the region will result in a lasting solution in Afghanistan. American national security, our dedicated soldiers already serving, and the people of Afghanistan will be better served if we focus our efforts on improving the socioeconomic conditions of the region instead of sending more of our brave soldiers to fight in this war.
November 25, 2009 Press Release
"On Thanksgiving, we come together with friends and family to celebrate all of life’s blessings. On this holiday when we give thanks, we should all take a moment to remember that millions of our fellow Americans are struggling to make ends meet in this tough economy. 49 million Americans, including 17 million children, are food insecure, and food banks across the country are overwhelmed with families who have seen mothers and fathers lose their jobs. As the wealthiest country on Earth, we can do more to make sure no one goes hungry in America."
November 19, 2009 Press Release
"People are struggling in this economy, and I will continue to do all I can to create the jobs we need to bring financial security to all hardworking families," said Congressman Garamendi, former chair of the California Commission for Economic Development. "Today, I joined my colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass legislation that will make achieving the American dream more possible for thousands of small business owners and their employees in my district."