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May 24, 2011 Press Release
"In the face of an ongoing international terrorist threat and economic challenges at home, it is time to shift from a broad counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan to a laser-like focus on combating terrorists wherever they exist," Congressman Garamendi said. "Maintaining 100,000 troops in a country the size of Texas, at a cost of $10 billion a month, is simply not an effective way to fight a global and decentralized enemy, and drains our resources when we need them most."
May 18, 2011 Press Release
"It was an honor to participate in YouTube’s first official Congressional town hall. Public servants must go where the people are, and thousands of videos are watched every second on YouTube," said Congressman John Garamendi. "Through this important outreach, thousands of Americans will be introduced to the Democratic Make It In America plan to bring back American manufacturing and create good jobs."
May 16, 2011 Press Release
"While we agree on the need to address the nation’s long-term deficits, shifting the costs of Medicaid expenditures such as nursing facilities and hospice care onto individuals not only creates excessive hardship on families with aging relatives, it does little to alleviate rising health care costs," they continued. "According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicaid spending grew significantly slower (4.6 percent) per capita than private insurance premiums (7.7 percent) over the past decade."
May 12, 2011 Press Release
"The Armed Services Committee voted to continue the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in U.S. history. Because I wholeheartedly support our soldiers and their families, I cannot in good conscience vote to extend a war without an endgame," Garamendi said. "To continue to risk the lives of 100,000 American troops in support of the corrupt Karzai government in Afghanistan’s internal civil war is not in the long-term national interest of the United States."
May 10, 2011 Press Release
"Nearly a decade ago we entered Afghanistan to kill Al Qaeda operatives and eradicate their training camps. With Osama Bin Laden dead, the training camps destroyed, and fewer than 100 Al Qaeda left in Afghanistan, we’ve achieved most of our mission critical goals," said Congressman Garamendi. "It’s time we shifted away from fighting an internal civil war and toward focusing on Al Qaeda like a laser wherever it takes root."
May 9, 2011 Press Release
"Investments in transportation are key to unlocking this country's economic potential," said Congressman Garamendi. "I commend this decision to direct money to a proven job creator and to require that the equipment is made in this country. If America is going to make it, we have to Make It In America again."
May 9, 2011 Press Release
"The success of this mission does not change the reality that America still faces a determined and violent adversary," they wrote. "It does, however, require us to reexamine our policy of nation building in Afghanistan. We believe it is no longer the best way to defend America against terror attacks, and we urge you to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan that are not crucial to the immediate national security objective of combating al Qaeda. … The killing of Osama bin Laden was made possible by a strong intelligence operation and well-trained Special Forces units. In combating extremism, the combination of actionable intelligence and highly mobile Special Forces has proven most effective against an enemy that is not limited to a single geographic location."
May 4, 2011 Press Release
"Today House Democrats clearly demonstrated to the American people that our top priorities are jobs, jobs, and jobs. We must bring back America’s manufacturing sector if we’re going to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive global economy," said Congressman Garamendi. "I’m honored that my legislation was included in this Make It In America package. My bill requires all transportation equipment purchased with federal dollars to be made in America. This commonsense approach helps make American companies competitive while creating good middle class jobs right here in America. It just makes sense."
May 3, 2011 Press Release
The Republican proposal on the floor here would make it impossible for California to do what it wants to do. That is set up a marketplace where people have access to insurance. The notion being that by creating the exchange, you spread the risk across many populations, so that, like a huge corporation, you have an opportunity as an individual purchaser or small business to participate in a large pool and accept the lower rate of insurance.
May 2, 2011 Press Release
"President Obama and heroes in the American military and intelligence communities have sent a message to the international terrorist organization Al Qaeda and others who seek to harm American citizens. We have demonstrated the unwavering resolve of the U.S. to pursue international terrorists wherever they may hide and proven the strength of our coordinated efforts to eradicate terrorist networks and bring those who would kill innocent civilians to justice."