Congressman John Garamendi

Representing the 3rd District of California
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Press Releases

August 31, 2010 Press Release
"Public safety is a top priority in any economy," Congressman Garamendi said. "I’m glad local police departments will have an easier time balancing difficult budgets because of this new funding."
August 26, 2010 Press Release
"As the father of five daughters, I want to live in a society where women can pursue their dreams. Access to the ballot box is not in itself sufficient to tear down millennia of societal barriers to equality, but it is a critical step. We are a more resilient and more democratic nation today, because 90 years ago, America became more American through the passage of the 19th Amendment."
August 19, 2010 Press Release
"Warehousing and distributing goods employs a lot of Americans, but it’s only one piece of the supply chain. In the research and development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of products, opportunities abound to create quality jobs. As we celebrate the creation of good jobs here today, let’s remember that America’s future prosperity depends not just on the distribution of goods but also on the creation of them. If we don’t make it in America, we won’t make it in America. Manufacturing matters."
August 18, 2010 Press Release
"Broadband is the express lane of the Internet, but for too long we’ve allowed other nations to pass by America," Rep. John Garamendi (CA-10) said. "We’re presently ranked 18th in the world in average broadband speed – four times slower than South Korea. In a global economy increasingly reliant on fast and reliable Internet access, especially in California, this investment in broadband is critically needed."
August 17, 2010 Press Release
"Our public schools are the incubators of the next generation of Californians. We must continue to invest in education and our nation's future," said Congressman Garamendi, a former University of California regent and California State University trustee. "Multiple studies have shown one consistent rule in education reform: class size matters. Every teacher we layoff harms hundreds of students who suffer from reduced individual attention. This $487 million from ARRA will help California avoid more drastic cuts."
August 12, 2010 Press Release
"This Congress has built on the legacy of Social Security. Because of laws passed this year, we’re closing the prescription drug 'donut hole', offering free preventative care in Medicare, bolstering senior nutrition programs, and creating new employment opportunities for seniors," Garamendi added. "This Senior Resources Fair is a continuation of our commitment to you. I hope you take advantage of the many services available to you today."
August 11, 2010 Press Release
"When Democrats in Congress voted for health care reform earlier this year, we did so with the confidence that we were improving health care access for millions of seniors," Congressman Garamendi said. "These $250 rebates, along with the free preventative and primary care available to seniors next year, are early steps in the process. In a few years, we will completely close the donut hole and continue to improve coverage for our seniors."
August 11, 2010 Press Release
"In the 21st century, America faces at least three challenges that will shape the destiny of our great nation: the rising influence of oil states that don’t share our interests or values; the growing ecological crisis caused by climate change; and the continuing decline of the manufacturing sector that created our middle class," Congressman Garamendi explained. "Public investments in rail manufactured in America tackle all three challenges head on. Investments in public transportation and infrastructure are a win for our economy, a win for our environment, and a win for our national security."
August 10, 2010 Press Release
"With every teacher we lay off, hundreds of students face larger class sizes and less individual attention – and all the studies show that these are among the most important variables in determining the success of our students," Congressman Garamendi said. "Today, I was proud to join my Democratic colleagues in the House to stand with our teachers and students, because the prosperity of our great nation depends on a well-educated workforce."
August 4, 2010 Press Release
"Today’s ruling is not the end of the fight for equality. There will be more appeals and more debate. True marriage equality may take years or even decades, but I am confident that the wisdom of time will shine favorably on those who stand with equality."