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Congressmen Garamendi, Pompeo Launch Congressional Mobility Air Forces Caucus on Capitol Hill

March 5, 2012
Press Release


At the Caucus launch, counter-clockwise from right: General Raymond Johns, Representative Tom Cole, Co-Chair Mike Pompeo, Co-Chair John Garamendi, Representatives Brad Sherman, Dana Rohrabacher, Judy Chu, Jon Runyan, Adam Schiff, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, and Steve Austria.

WASHINGTON, DC — Congressman John Garamendi (D-Fairfield, CA) and  Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-Witchita, KS) together launched the first ever bipartisan Congressional Mobility Air Forces Caucus at a breakfast briefing on Capitol Hill. The congressmen were joined by many of their colleagues who share their interest in promoting air mobility, as well as four star General Raymond E. Johns Jr., Commander, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill. All discussed the importance of working together to achieve their shared goal of supporting our nation's air mobility capabilities.

"Air Mobility - the ability to rapidly transport assets around the world - plays a crucial role in America's 21st century national defense," said Congressman John Garamendi (D-Fairfield, California). "I have seen this vital mission firsthand at Travis Air Force Base, the 'Gateway to the Pacific,' which is home to the 60th Air Mobility Wing, the largest air mobility organization in the Air Force. It is with great pleasure that I join with Congressman Mike Pompeo in launching the Congressional Mobility Air Forces Caucus. We are both grateful to General Raymond Johns for offering his guidance in this venture. I look forward to seeing this Caucus take flight!"

"The ability of the United States to respond rapidly to any location on the planet is only possible because of our superior air mobility capacity," said Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-Witchita, KS). "Our nation's air mobility forces — spread across Active, Guard and Reserve forces — provide the foundation for the Air Force's core functions of global vigilance, power, and reach.  My new caucus will educate, inform, and advocate to ensure that our nation continues to enjoy unrivaled worldwide access.  Kansas has a special connection to air mobility because Wichita's aviation cluster supplies many of our nation's mobility platforms and our state hosts two outstanding air mobility installations — McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita and Forbes Field Air National Guard Base in Topeka."

"On behalf of the Airmen that dedicate themselves to the air mobility mission every day, we're honored to have been a part of the Mobility Air Forces Caucus kick-off event," said General Johns. "Our mobility Airmen answer the call so that others may prevail.  They deliver hope, fuel the fight and save lives. We look forward to the opportunities the Caucus affords us to share with Congress our contribution to the Joint Team. We thank Congressman Garamendi and Congressman Pompeo for co-chairing the Caucus; we know it will be a great success."

The Congressional Mobility Air Forces Caucus will:

Raise awareness of the critical roles that air refueling, airlift and aero medical evacuation play in our national security. Air mobility plays a support role in America's overall strategic defense, and it is crucial that Members of Congress, the media and the public become more aware of the vital functions that air mobility serves.

Establish a forum for exchange among Members who are committed to promoting air mobility. Many Members of Congress represent districts with air mobility bases or with industries that supply air mobility platforms.  It is important that Members are able to discuss issues related to air mobility as they emerge in Congress.

Ensure Members' access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about developments in air mobility. For Members of Congress to serve as effective advocates for air mobility, it is critical that they are informed about shifting on-the-ground challenges as well as new mobility air forces and industry developments.

The Caucus will maintain a visible presence on Capitol Hill and host regular meetings to promote and advance its cause of strengthening air mobility.