Sacramento County

Congressman John Garamendi is proud to represent all or portions of Sacramento County's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta communities of Isleton, Locke, and Walnut Grove.
The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the largest estuary on the Pacific Ocean, is home to a stunning variety of wildlife, including many rare or endangered species. When healthy, the Delta sustains vibrant fisheries and provides water recreation for thousands of residents and visitors. Congressman Garamendi has resided in Walnut Grove for more than three decades and considers protecting the Delta from further drainage to be one of his most important obligations as a representative of the 3rd Congressional District.

Congressman Garamendi's other top priorities for Sacramento County include:

  • Bringing more federal funds to the county to help put residents back to work;
  • Revitalizing and widening the county's aging highway infrastructure while broadening the availability and reliability of public transportation to reduce congestion;
  • Encouraging water conservation and stopping efforts to develop a peripheral canal that will further drain the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, helping to protect wildlife, fisheries, and water recreation;  
  • Developing solutions to prevent home foreclosures;
  • Safeguarding the county's treasured natural wonders and scenic Delta from pollution and blight;
  • Expanding financial aid availability to encourage more young adults to apply to college while providing additional federal assistance to public schools; and
  • Defending the civil rights of all of the county's diverse residents.