Press Releases

Nov 9, 2009

Rep. John Garamendi Votes to Create and Preserve Jobs with Support of Three Small Business-Friendly Bills

Issues: Economy

"Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy, and with the passage of these three bills, we can continue the important work of moving our economy forward with job creation," said Rep. Garamendi, former chair of the California Commission for Economic Development. "Small businesses have generated 64 percent of all net new jobs over the past 15 years, and with the passage of these good business-friendly bills, small business owners will find it a little easier to continue their important contributions to our nation."

Nov 7, 2009

Rep. John Garamendi Casts "Most Important Vote of My Public Policy Career"

Issues: Health Care

H.R. 3962 will transform America's health care delivery system. The plan includes a public option to help increase competition and hold the insurance industry accountable. Denial of treatment for pre-existing conditions and denial of coverage due to technicalities in condition reporting will be ended. Out-of-pocket expenses will be capped and subsidies and tax breaks will be made available to consumers and small businesses. This combined with the reduction in administrative overhead costs, the savings associated with an emphasis on preventative medicine, and other measures will provide individual consumers and as the nation with substantial long term cost savings. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the health care reform bill will cut the deficit by over $30 billion over the next decade and will continue to create a surplus over the next 20 years.

Nov 6, 2009

Rep. John Garamendi Expresses Condolences on Ft. Hood Shootings

"My heart and prayers go out to the victims and families who lost loved ones during the mass shootings at Fort Hood Army base. These brave Americans were preparing to be deployed to the most dangerous areas in the world. The fact they suffered such violence on a U.S. base makes this even more difficult to accept and comprehend."

Nov 6, 2009

John Garamendi Sworn into Congress, Vows to Address "the Issues that Confront our Fellow Citizens and the World Beyond"

"He and his wife Patti began their years in public service as Peace Corps volunteers in Ethiopia, and since then, John has spent 37 years serving the people of California,” added Rep. Pete Stark, the Dean of the California congressional delegation. "As we prepare to enact health care reform, John will lend an effective voice to that effort. As California's insurance commissioner, he learned the problems families face when trying to buy health coverage. He's an expert in insurance regulation. His perspective will be of great value.”